Used car engines and spares

If you are BUYING we have a great selection of spares and engines. It is FREE to register and place your bid, and there is NO CHARGE to buyers. If you WIN we let you know so you can meet the seller and buy the car.
Used car engines and spares
To SELL, enter your parts in its own on-line auction for FREE (you must register first so we know who the car belongs to). We let you know when bids are received, and YOU decide if the price is right.

Choosing engine and spares

If you are looking for new spare parts and accessories for cars, rather than used ones, then unfortunately we do not sell new parts. However, if you are looking for new car batteries then we highly recommend taking a look at The Car Battery Warehouse's website, as they have the full range of car batteries for almost any car, and they send them out to you next day delivery, so you don't have to leave your sofa and can receive your car battery the next day. It really couldn't be easier, and they offer fantastic service.

Use our Search facility to help decide what spares make a car right for you. The manufacturer's reputation, the body type, the specific model, the age, price, mileage and colour might all be important.

Used truck and van parts from Truckbusters

An engine and each part should be described accurately. We aim that our sellers should put as much information as possible about their spares on our site.

When rebuilding a vintage or classic motorcycle or car, inevitably problems are encountered which require engineered solutions.

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Click on "services" for a list of typical jobs which we are able to undertake. It is not possible to indicate what the charges would be for these jobs, as the amount of work involved can vary considerably.

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